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In days gone by, visiting the local corner candy shop was a special treat. Walking through the front door, you were immediately greeting by the pleasing aromas of peppermint, chocolate, and caramel. Perhaps, you were greeted by the shopkeeper. Then your eyes feasted upon neatly arranged, brightly packaged candies. Within glass display cases you could see rows of tasty chocolate morsels beckoning you. It was a glorious thing if were able to walk out of the candy shop with one of these delectable treats.

Times changed and many of these small candy shops closed or moved out of the neighborhood. Many times, they were put out of business by large chain stores that beginning to make their presence known. Some shrewd candy shop owners took the plunge and moved their family run operations into the shopping malls and managed to survive and prosper. Some of these small candy shops eventually became the large retail chains themselves.

In time, those small local candy shops that did survive where they were began seeking new ways to advertise their traditional, homemade quality confections to a broader audience of avid candy lovers. For many the nostalgia was a draw as well as many of the processes involved wit these small businesses were unique to them alone.

The answer to their prayers came via the internet. Owners of old time candy shops started publishing web pages that showcased their wonderful selections of candies, complete with full-color graphics and interesting content that detailed their rich histories. Though many of these sites initially appeared as nothing more than home pages that told you all about them and then encouraged you to visit them in person, there were a few that began to expand to include online stores. These stores, like those of the larger, retail candy makers who were already populating the internet with their own websites, offered everything that a candy-lover could imagine and with the added bonus of providing that extra special care and quality that only small time candy shop could offer.

This, of course, had great appeal to some. The result was that many candy shops saw significant increases in their candy sales, and this lead to expansion simply in order to keep up with the demand that these tactics generated.

So even if you can’t find that local candy shop that you gave you so many fine memories, you might find that they are but a click away.

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