How to Make Rock Candy

In the past, making rock candy was a family affair with many mothers and grandmothers across the country making the savory confections right out of their kitchens. Many people can remember the fun and excitement that filled those long summer days. You did not have to visit your local candy store in order to sample these sweet treats. Today, you can still have rock candy any time you want. It is easy to make.

Let’s begin by outlining the main ingredients. They include: One cup water, two cups of granulated sugar, a few drops of your favorite candy flavoring such as peppermint, cherry or lemon, and few drops of food coloring. Also, we need the proper implements or utensils so we can create the right conditions for the sugar crystals to form.

We will need the following: Measuring cup and spoon, a large heavy metal sauce pan, long wooden stirring spoon, clean glass jar (a tall, sturdy one such as a pint or quart canning jar, mayonnaise jar or pickle jar), piece of sterilized cotton string, popsicle stick, pencil, or skewer, paper clip, thick pot holders, candy thermometer. Now you can vary some of these implements but non-negotiable elements include the jar, the string, and the stick or pencil. Without these you will have trouble getting your rock candy to form. With this point clear, you can begin making your own rock candy.

First, tie one end of the piece of string around the middle of the stick or pencil. Cut the string, if necessary, so that it is a little shorter than your jar. Moisten the string with a little water and roll it in the sugar. Put the paper clip on the end of the string to help it hang straight down. Lay the stick over the top of the glass jar so that the string hangs down inside the jar. The end of the string should not touch the bottom of the jar.

Cook the candy mixture then pour it into jar. Let the sugar water sit for a few days where no one will bother it. The crystals will begin to form along the string in a few hours. Let them continue grow for 3 to 10 days (or more). When you're ready to eat the rock candy, take the candy-covered string out of the jar. Break the pieces apart and enjoy. Store left-over candy in a covered container. Enjoy!

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