Peanut Candy

For more than 100 years, the peanut has enjoyed a prevalent place in the United States for its great taste and versatility. One of the more delicious uses of the peanut is for making candy. In fact, more than 20% of the total peanuts used are set aside strictly for processing in candy of one form or another. Other than strictly sugar-based hard and soft candy, you will be find peanuts, in one form or another, whether it is whole nuts or merely trace amounts on the ingredient label.

Some the earliest, and most classic, forms of peanut candy include peanut brittle, peanut squares, butter toffee peanuts, and the incomparable chocolate covered peanuts. Beyond these simple favorites, peanuts clusters, with their blend of chocolates and nuts (sometimes caramel) make a lasting impression. M&M’s peanut candy is simple a whole peanut covered in a thin candy shell.

Most of these kinds of peanut candy incorporate the entire nut into their recipe, though, at times, they were chopped up before being added to the candy mix.

Around the time of World War II, a new form of candy became extremely popular and has remained so until the present. The candy bar is at the top of the list for most Americans’ favorite candy. Peanuts have had their own place in the candy bar realm with brands like PayDay, Snickers, and Planters. In lean times, and during WWII when much of candy production was halted or at least curtailed, most peanut candies remained at full production due to the abundance of raw materials.

When it comes to peanut candy, it should be noted that a large percentage of the peanuts used are actually in the form of peanut butter. Many snacks and candies are used with peanut butter. A quick list of examples may include peanut butter fudge and the Reece’s brand candy line (ex. Peanut butter cups, Reece’s Pieces), the Peanut Butter Bar, and the Take 5 Bar.

Some peanut companies have selections of peanut candies among their other products which candy be purchased online and which are more exclusive than other commercial candy brands.

Peanut candy, along with chocolate, has remained the most desirable candy available.

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