Sugar Free Candy

For many people with a sweet tooth, not indulging in candy or other type of sweet can be difficult. This becomes much clearer when you simply can’t eat candy. Many people, whether suffering from diabetes or just trying to watch what they eat for their health, want an option.

Sugar free candy has been that option for nearly 50 years, providing an alternative to eating sugar-based candies. To meet the widely varying tastes of candy-lovers, candy companies have been developing different types of sugarless treats in record numbers. Recently, trends in health-consciousness have further inflated this need for sugar alternatives in all areas of eating—not just candy.

The main ingredient in all of this is the type of element that is used to sweeten these confections. In the beginning, saccharin was used. Lately, sweeteners like maltitol, sorbitol, and lactitol have been introduced by some candy manufacturers like Go Lightly. Taste has always been the biggest issue, and often, depending on the sweetener used, the greatest obstacle to overcome. But there have definitely been improvements over the years.

Where at first, the options of the type of candy available were limited, now you can find just about any type you want. Chocolate, hard candy, fudge, chewing gum: these are a few examples. Major candy manufacturers and small-regional businesses have both been busy building up their selections of sugar free candy to capitalize on this demand for these products.

Online consumers have the most opportunity to find a nearly endless gallery of candy choices on any one of the numerous sites that have appeared on the internet in just the last 5 to 10 years. It is obvious that as the number of Americans who are reaching retirement age increases and the number of health related reasons for restricting sugar intake multiplies, that many more people will be looking for sugar free candy alternatives.

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