Heavenly Hershey valentine rose

Give a Hershey valentine rose to someone and they'll follow you forever. It's an easy way to make them feel very special indeed!


Hershey Chocolate Roses

These Hershey Kiss roses can be made for any time of the year. Although they are perfect for Valentine's Day gifts, they're appreciated any day of the year!

You can either give a single Hershey Kisses Rose or wrap them together by the dozen for your most special sweetheart.

Supplies needed for each rose:

2 Hershey Kisses Pink or red cellophane wrapping paper Floral stems (with a leaf or two) Floral tape Directions:

* Place the two Hershey's Kisses together, end to end, and hold in place.

* Wrap the Kisses with cellophane from top to bottom, creating a rose like shape.

* Gather the cellophane together at the bottom of the rosebud, but before twisting the cellophane completely closed, add a pre-cut floral stem with the leaf close to the bud.

* Wrap the bottom cellophane closed with floral tape, going around the stem and pulling it tight all the way down to the end.

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