Looking More Closely At The Myths Surrounding Chocolate

From the ancient religious ceremonies of the Aztecs and Mayans to grocery store shelves all over the world, chocolate has long played a role in human culture. This legendary food is loved by some and loathed by others. Through the years, it's even taken on a mythical tone. This is especially evidenced in the number of rumors that surround its consumption.

There are a variety of myths that surround chocolate and its effects on the body. Some are true, but most turn out to be quite false when they are examined more closely.

So, what are some of the more prevalent myths surrounding chocolate? Let's take a look!

Chocolate Causes Pimples This is an old wives' tale that might date back to the beginning of old wives being on the planet. A variety of medical studies have shown that chocolate does not cause acne. This particularly nasty facial condition has its own host of causes, but diet doesn't seem to be one of them. While Mom might tell you to avoid chocolate unless you want giant pimples, this one just doesn't pan out.

Tooth Decay Plagues Chocolate Lovers Again, this old wives' tale turns out to be false. While it's certainly true that eating and not brushing the teeth will promote cavities, chocolate alone doesn't speed up the process. In fact, there are some studies that show chocolate can actually prove beneficial for the teeth. Cocoa butter can actually protect the teeth from a build up of nasty plaque and tartar.

Chocolate Has Bad Medical Implications While it's true that some people might be allergic to chocolate, others actually find there are some very big health benefits that can go along with its consumption. Dark chocolate, for example, is considered a powerful antioxidant. Its consumption can help stave off such medical conditions as heart disease.

Chocolate Stimulates The Body This particular myth turns out to be true. Chocolate does contain a bit of caffeine and some theobromie, as well. The two combine to give eaters of chocolate a little pick-me-up. The amount of stimulants found in chocolate, however, are not considered high enough to be worthy of regulation or even concern. The added boost can help people stay awake and alert, which many believe is a benefit of chocolate and not a downfall.

There is a lot more to chocolate than meets the eye. While myths and rumors surround its consumption, some forms of this ancient treat are actually quite good for the human body.

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