Buying Hershey candy wholesale

Milton S. Hershey may have started small, but the company that bears his name is anything but that. The name he gave to his company is synonymous with chocolate worldwide, with a long and storied history that’s as much a part of popular culture as the famous bar itself.

When you pay for that timeless Hershey bar at your local store and savor that first nostalgic bite, you don't give much thought to its arrival in your neighborhood. You also probably aren't thinking of the fact that your local storeowner had practically nothing to do with it.

Hershey products of all kinds are distributed and sold via one of the world's largest wholesale networks. It's bought in smaller lots as it moves through its channels on its way to you. One little part of one of these lots was sold to your local storeowner.

Until recently, purchasing in larger lots than a single box containing several bars was not available to the general public. The good news for you and any small organizations that may wish to purchase and resell the Hershey line is that, thanks in part to the Internet, you now can.

You can find most of the Hershey candy line available wholesale online. Your organization, big or small, now has the option of contacting several distributors directly at considerable savings. It doesn’t even matter if you only wish to order a fairly small amount.

Several wholesale dealers now accept smaller accounts online, sometimes with orders of as little as $50.00. The choice is entirely yours as you plan your next fundraiser. Just wait until they taste that first bite!

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