Forget ordinary chocolate wedding dessert

It's no longer a simple matter of chocolate cake. A chocolate wedding dessert can be part of a chocolate lover’s (hopefully two chocolate lovers!) big day, with many more options available today. Your imagination may well be your only limitation. You can make your wedding as fun and special as you’ve dreamed it could be.

For instance, individual cakes or "present" cakes for guests come in a fascinating array of styles, colors and decoration. Petite and sweet, they make a wedding meal joyfully complete. What could be more special and memorable than each and every guest delighting in their own little “present’ cake? It’ll be part of everyone’s memories of your wedding for many years to come. Caution: This is a much more expensive alternative to the traditional wedding cake!

Of particular fascination whenever large events featuring them are held is the chocolate fountain, thrilling guests with a shimmering cascade of purely mesmerizing chocolate! Once reserved only for the elite, it is now an affordable option for most and a sure-fire hit with friends and family on that special occasion. It adds a bit of fantasy to the celebration and a little magic for your guests. Although still not widely available, diligence is the key to obtaining one for your day.

Tell your baker or wedding planner that you want to learn about unusual chocolate creations to consider. They’ll be more than happy to investigate the possibilities with you for the chance to do something deliciously different. Your wedding can be all you want it to be and a whole lot more with a little investigation into the growing list of fantastic options to be found!

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