Shopping for a discount chocolate tempering machine

Shopping for a discount chocolate tempering machine can be fruitful if you keep it simple.

Why temper chocolate? If you melt chocolate and just let it cool, it becomes a dull brown mass with a chalky, grainy texture. Tempered chocolate, however, is shiny, even-colored, crisp and smooth.

A tempering machine is designed to melt chocolate and then bring it to set degree points while constantly stirring. Tempering machines are able to hold the temperature of melted chocolate at a certain degree indefinitely with the aid of a temperature probe.

The key to tempering is to control the temperature of the melted chocolate very precisely. To do so, the right equipment is essential. With new automatic tabletop machines, the process of tempering is simplified and affordable. There are now fully automatic machines, using forced hot air, that create beautiful chocolate creations.

Several models are affordably priced and ideal for home use especially during the holidays when lots of candy making takes place. With the increasing popularity of making handcrafted chocolates in the home or on a small scale, a little diligent research may yield a genuine find at an attractive price. Checking restaurant supply stores,other local suppliers and liquidators might uncover something suitable and reasonable. Plus, you never know what you’ll find on eBay. They require that all items sold there be in good working condition.

Tempering machines typically have a large bowl divided down the middle by a bowl scraper, which separates melted chocolate on one side and chunks to be melted on the other. It can take from thirty minutes to two hours to temper a batch of chocolate, depending on the amount and the equipment, but in the absence of harsh conditions or unwanted additives, a good temper is assured.

Tempering is only necessary for dipping and glazing, not for general cooking purposes. It’s more possible than ever before to find and afford what you’ll need to start making handcrafted chocolates of your own.

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